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Can I use a stylus with my touch screen?

Yes, Hope Industrial touch screens use either Resistive or Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technology and both types can be used with a stylus, with some considerations.

Hope Industrial Resistive Touch Screens are pressure-sensitive, and therefore work with any type of stylus (or any other object that can apply pressure).

Our multi-touch PCAP models use the same technology as a typical smartphone and can be used with a capacitive stylus. Hope Industrial also provides a capacitive stylus (part number: PD-STYLUS-1) that is suited for industrial environments.

Are Hope Industrial products RoHS / REACH / WEEE compliant?

RoHS is discussed further on our CE Certification and RoHS page. WEEE and REACH are discussed in detail on our REACH and WEEE Compliance page.

How often does the touch screen need to be re-calibrated?

Hope Industrial Multi-Touch PCAP models are pre-calibrated at the factory and do not require calibration in normal use. These models do not require drivers for most operating systems.

Hope Industrial Resistive Touch models are also pre-calibrated at the factory, but may also be re-calibrated by the user after installing the driver package which is available for download. Calibration typically lasts a very long time but may "drift" over time, requiring re-calibration. Also, installation of new drivers may require a re-calibration.

Which computer operating systems do the touch screen drivers support?

Drivers are available for a wide variety of current and legacy operating systems, including all major Windows versions, Microsoft Embedded operating systems, Apple Mac, and many others. A full list and downloadable drivers are available in our support section.

Can multiple touch screens be connected to the same computer?

Yes, our touch screen drivers allow multiple displays to be connected to a single PC, whether in mirroring mode (multiple screens showing the same desktop) or extended desktop (a single desktop stretched across multiple displays).

Our Windows drivers allow each touch screen to be calibrated independently, whether you are using USB or Serial for connection to the PC. Once configured, the cursor will follow your finger to any connected touch screen. For configuration help or more information, please contact our support group for assistance.

Are your touch screens compatible with Linux operating systems?

Support for Linux-based operating systems is available through both native drivers and by using driver-less methods that rely on the HID device compatibility of our touch screens. A full review of the available methods is available on our blog.

You may also contact our support group for information specific to your environment and applications.