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IEC Reliability Standards logo - IEC 60721-3IEC Overview

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world's leading organisation that prepares and publishes International Standards for electrical, electronic, and related technologies.

The IEC also publishes testing standards to certify that equipment, systems, or components meet its International Standards.

To ensure that our products can handle the harsh conditions found in an industrial environment, Hope Industrial Systems has implemented and tested to IEC standards for transport, storage, and ongoing operation of several key products. These tests show that Hope Industrial Systems' monitors can handle exposure to heat, humidity, liquids, shock, and vibration, meeting both our marketing claims and our customers' expectations.

Testing Rationale

The environmental classification system set out in IEC 60721-3 is used to determine the conditions to which a Hope Industrial Systems product is likely to be exposed, given the way it is intended to be operated, stored, and transported.

Once the operating, storage, and transport environments have been defined, the guidelines and recommendations given in IEC 60721-4 are used to determine the specific tests that will adequately simulate these environments in the laboratory. The tested product must pass all tests in order to qualify for the prescribed environmental ratings.

Hope Industrial Systems has completed testing on our 17", 19", 19.5", 22", and 23" monitors (except for Rack Mount Monitors), which met the standards for:

  • Cold, Steady State, Non-operating
  • Cold, Steady State, Operating
  • Dry Heat, Steady State, Operating
  • Thermal Shock, Non-operating
  • Thermal Shock, Operating
  • Mechanical Shock, Operating
  • Free Fall
  • Static Load
  • Vibration (Broadband), Non-operating
  • Vibration (Sinusoidal), Operating
  • Damp Heat, Cyclical, Operating
  • Damp Heat, Steady State, Operating

Full Test Reports