IPE 2011 Monitor Sightings

We just got back from the International Poultry Expo (IPE) that went on right here in Atlanta.  There were a lot of great booths at the show, but it was especially exciting to visit those that had our monitors displayed.

One booth had multiple Panel Mount Monitors incorporated into various machines.  One 19″ Panel Mount Monitor was mounted in a detection system machine that spots any bones or other contaminants in the food products.  Another 19″ Panel Mount Monitor was integrated into a machine that uses water jets to cut and size poultry.

ML19 monitors in various processing machines
On the left, our ML19 in a bone detection machine. On the right, another ML19 as part of a waterjet cutting machine.

Another booth had one of our 19″ Panel Mount Monitors in a custom enclosure that is part of an in-motion scale.  They also had a few of our 15″ Universal Mount Monitors mounted on pedestals throughout the booth.

ML19 and UM15 Monitors at IPE 2011 show
On the left, our ML19 as part of an in-motion scale system. On the right, a UM15 mounted on a custom pedestal.

Most of our monitors displayed at the show were our Panel Mount Monitors. A third booth had our 15″ Panel Mount Monitor in a custom control panel.

It’s always fun to see how our customers are using our products in the field – especially when they’re in environments that get particularly dirty.

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